Crabby’s Reef game for World Oceans Day

08 Jun, 2020

To celebrate today’s World Oceans Day, The SeriousGeoGames Lab proudly announces their Crabby’s Reef game.

The SeriousGeoGames Lab is a research group, part of the Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull, whereas their new game “Crabby’s Reef” is communicating the effects of ocean acidification in a fun and engaging way. An online version was made available to celebrate today’s World Oceans Day 2020 and raise awareness of the ‘evil twin of climate change’ affecting our oceans.

Find out more about ocean acidification and play the Crabby’s Reef here (not mobile-compatible, best played with Chrome browser):

Play Crabby’s Reef Now

Guide Crabby around the reef-maze to collect food, but avoid the octopuses or you will be dinner. With every level the ocean becomes more acidic and your task a little bit harder. How long can you survive?